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Chef German Gonzales, former chef of O'lima Signature Cuisine, was one of the founders. He is the creator of the famous tiradito Chicha Morada and controversial Lomo Saltado French Style , innovative concept of the new fusion-author Peruvian food in America, creator of more 50 dishes using products and Novoandina own reductions, fusing Asian cuisine, Mediterranean and Peruvian.

Beginning his first gastronomic experience the hand of his mother at age 11, in Lima Peru, recalls with nostalgia he toured local markets to buy fresh produce learning and take them home to start creating new dishes, at 15 and worked in the family business doing events for holidays and learning the secrets of mana Peruano (Peruvian traditional sweet).

After finished school, he decided to study Hotel Management in the Peruvian institute called CENFOTUR, graduating in 1981 as Manager Hospitality and also getting a title Administrator Company IPAE because that was hired to begin work on the administration of the famous then hotel 5 star Crillon, where after a time he was more love for gastronomy and changing area at the time the famous restaurant in this hotel called the SKY ROOM starting their first teaching high cuisine hand Swiss chef Carl Ritz Executive chef of the restaurant, that experience was enough motivator to think emigrate to pursue a career of chef de Cuisine, out of Peru since at that time there was no Culinary school in Peru.

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Located in Miami’s Bay Harbour Islands, just minutes from the renowned Bal Harbour Shops, the upscale restaurant, O’Lima Signature Cuisine, features an expertly prepared menu of Peruvian fusion fare and an innovative Pisco cocktail menu.

O'Lima offers more than 20 entrees including many traditional Peruvian dishes with Japanese influences, served in healthy portions that encourage sharing amongst guests.

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